Our Values

Our purpose is to bring together an upskilled, diverse, and future-focused industry, through the power of education, innovation and opportunity.

Our passion for life-long learning is at the centre of everything we do, and we are on a journey of continual growth, removing barriers and empowering excellence in everyone as we go.

To achieve this, we have a set of core values to help us. 


      We are singularly focused on sharing knowledge, innovating, and identifying opportunity with and for all, and we welcome discussion on how we can give and do more to reach everyone.


      We take nothing for granted. We experiment, we rigorously self-evaluate, and we get better. We strive to always be the noisiest in the room and influence positive change.


      We are a community for the curious, and know no bounds in our ambition to discover, grow and be the vanguard of ground-breaking learning.


      We see the value in failure, and we honour it. We celebrate success, and we build on it. We learn infinitely from both.

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