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Understand how to process and mark up drawings for a publication.

Course description

Most editors will meet illustrations, so it is important to recognise the various types, including graphics files, and how to deal with them – including documentation and ensuring the best possible quality. To edit illustrations effectively, copy-editors also need to know how illustrations are handled during the printing process.

Course content

  1. Introduction
  2. Types of illustrations
  3. Computer graphics files
  4. Colour
  5. Placement, arrangement and sizing
  6. Documentation
  7. Marking up
  8. Putting it all together

Learning outcomes

By completing this module you will gain a clearer understanding of:

  • how illustrations are reproduced in print
  • computer graphics files
  • sizing and placing illustrations
  • documentation for illustrations
  • marking up illustrations.

How does the course work?

There are eight study sections along with quizzes to test your knowledge. Completion of all sections of the course will lead to a certificate of completion being issued.

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