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Learn how to manage and communicate the detail of your copy-editing so that you create a positive relationship with your author.

Course description

The Editor’s Guide to Author Queries aims to define the purpose of queries and comments put by the copy-editor to the author. It will explain how to present queries and comments, and how to link them to the author’s text in Word, enabling editors to express their queries and comments clearly, courteously and briefly. The module will also show how to integrate author queries with the copy-editing process.

Course content

  1. The purpose of queries and comments
  2. Author queries within the publishing process
  3. Presenting queries and comments
  4. Wording queries and comments

Learning outcomes

At the end of this module you will be able to:

  • define the level of his/her responsibility for the content and form of the text
  • decide when to raise a query or proposal for the author and when to make changes without comment
  • identify general and specific points for the author’s attention, key them to the text, and set them out clearly in a Word document
  • articulate queries and comments in such a way as to elicit useful answers
  • deal with author queries as part of the copy-editorial process.

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