On-screen Editing Guide

This free guide to on-screen editing gives you lots of tips for preparing for an on-screen copy-edit, as well as what you should know to save time and improve your work and its value. Author: Anne Waddingham File size: 2.93 MB Date published: 11 June 2021 Already registered? Please login (opens in new tab/window). After logging in

Copy-editing and Proofreading Guide

Maybe you are just starting out in your career and are looking for guidance on how to take the next step. Or perhaps you have been working in a different capacity for a while and feel that you want to review the options available to you to work more independently. Whatever your circumstances, this guide

Publishers’ Contracts Guide

Publishing contracts not only map out the life of a book, they also underpin the very business of publishing. Understanding how publishing contracts operate and appreciating the concerns of those who handle them (whether in-house or out-house) should enable everyone to negotiate better deals on all sides. Whatever your circumstances, this guide aims to bring

Publishing Strategy Guide

Publishing is an unusual industry in the number of new products it continually develops and launches. This means that most companies are operating in a wide range of different customer segments, each of which is likely to have a different set of customer needs and a different competitive environment. One strategy will not work in

An Author’s Perspective on the Editorial Relationship Guide

Published authors operate in a complex net of working relationships and in this guide we offer an insight to those relationships through the eyes of one such author, Cathy Rentzenbrink. The Last Act Of Love was published by Picador in July 2015 and became a Sunday Times bestseller in hardback. Shortlisted for The Wellcome Trust

Finance in Publishing Guide

Understanding finance is a critical skill in any role and any sector. Many of the principles discussed in this Guide apply to other businesses and other sectors, but there is a jargon unique to publishing which makes deciphering the financial aspects all the more difficult. That challenge can feel daunting if your skills are focused

Key Issues for Academic Publishing Guide

The academic sector is one of the most innovative and exciting areas of publishing to be working in today. It experienced its digital transformation years ahead of trade publishing, and changed much more fundamentally – electronic formats currently account for more than 75% of subscription revenues for UK journals, for instance, while estimates place digital

Social Media for Academic Publishers Guide

The seemingly frivolous sphere of social media – all selfies, hashtags, and emoji – might not seem the most obvious match for the serious world of academic publishing, whose books and journal articles can cover some of the most complex and important topics. And yet social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook offer some

Commissioning and List Management for Educational Publishers Guide

Paul Cherry, Publishing Director for UK secondary schools at Hodder Education, shares what, in his experience, is needed to be a successful commissioning editor. He covers the macro level drivers and the day to day tasks, from author relationships to creating value. The role of Commissioning Editor is a complex and demanding one, but this

Marketing in the Digital Age Guide

Marketing is suddenly trendy – everyone wants to work in marketing. But what skills do you need to get started, and more importantly, make a success of a career in marketing? This guide provides the low down on the essential skills that every marketer needs to master; from analytics to social media, to content marketing

Getting Ahead in Publishing Guide

The PTC Guide to Getting Ahead in Publishing is here to help you to progress in your career. It consists of two components: one from Alastair Horne, who works at Cambridge University Press; and one with Maria Vassilopoulos, who runs Jobs in Books for The Bookseller magazine. Alastair started out at CUP ten years ago

Children’s Publishing Guide

Working in children’s publishing is fun – creative, collaborative, rewarding fun. So how do you go about forging a career in children’s publishing and what skills do you need, especially if you want to work in commissioning? We’ve put together a detailed guide to the skills, attributes, and experience you will need for a successful

Getting the Best from Self-Study Guide

This guide outlines the advantages of self-study and addresses the common misconceptions people have about distance learning. It also includes top tips for making a success of your studies, features case studies from people who have completed the course and gone on to find work as a freelancer, and provides links to further sources of

Key Issues in Online Academic Publishing Guide

John Lavender, a very experienced academic publisher who has been involved in “academic online” since the early 1990s, surveys the current state of play. Academic publishing, and in particular journal publishers, embraced the move to online content much earlier than either educational or consumer book publishers, and the issues they face today are those of

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